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RigRec | 150 EMI 400


150 EMI 400

Product Website: http://www.tescocorp.com/ProductSales/TopDrives/Models/150_250_EMI_400.aspx

Tesco’s 150 ton and 250 ton EMI 400 Top Drives are full-featured electric top drives built for small-mast applications on land or offshore and are the most versatile top drives in Tesco’s electric top drive offering. Capable of producing up to 298 kW (400HP), the EMI 400 employs an AC induction motor and drive system and can be operated by a self-contained generator or by connecting directly to the rig’s AC Bus (600 VAC, 50 or 60Hz). The complete system including the top drive, torque system and optional VFD building can be installed in less than one day with only minimal rig modifications needed, if any. An optional pipe handler allows the EMI 400 to offer all critical pipe-handling functions including elevator link-tilt, extend/retract functionality (for making mouse hole connections) and 360° pipe handler rotation. The grabber will accommodate tool joints from 76.2 mm (3 in.) to 222.25 mm (8 3/4 in.) OD. The EMI 400 top drive’s unique design integrates the swivel, gearbox and load frame resulting in a very compact unit. It also incorporates a programmable logic control (PLC) which enhances communications between the driller’s panel and the drive system, optimizes efficiency and provides important safety interlocks.